The Order of the Day

This is a traditional order of the day; your own order of the day can be accommodated


About 45 minutes before the ceremony is due to begin your guests will gather.  It is always a good idea for the Groom to be present to greet your guests on arrival.

The Bride and Groom may not wish to see each other before the ceremony.  If so the Registrar will interview the Groom separately, about 20 minutes before it is due to begin.

When the Bride arrives the guests and the Groom will be asked to take their seats for the ceremony. 

The Registrar will then interview the Bride. 

The ceremony may then begin, which takes between 20 minutes and half an hour.

You may have three pieces of music during the ceremony, which the registrar must approve. Brides Arrival, Signing of the Register and Departure of Bride and Groom. Additionally you may play music whilst your guests are gathering and awaiting the bride.  

Following the ceremony

A greeting line up may take place as guests leave the ceremony, giving them an opportunity to formally congratulate you and allowing your photographer to take photographs with less interruption from guests.

Your photographer will probably take you into our beautiful gardens with its magnificent trees and bridges to take photos. 

Following this the format then takes the same as a church wedding, with the exception of the line up, which may have already taken place.


We welcome you to the hotel following your photographs, which will have partly taken place at Your Church or Registry Office.

A reception drink may then be served

The Best Man and Master of Ceremonies gather the main wedding party together at the entrance to the suite for a line up into the wedding breakfast; this is your opportunity to formally welcome all your guests, and for them to congratulate you.

Your wedding breakfast is then announced and your guests take their places.

We then announce you into the room - an opportunity for guests to show you their appreciation.

Grace may then be said

The meal is then served and no further formalities take place until after the main course.

When the majority of the guests have finished their main course the Bride and Groom would cut the cake

Once coffee, cake and toasting wine has been served speeches begin, traditionally as follows. Brides Father, Groom & Best Man

We then announce the formalities over and the Bride and Groom out of the room.  This gives your guests an opportunity to relax prior to your evening arrangements. 


It is now time to relax; the only formality the Bride and Groom may choose is to have their first dance.

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