Accommodation for Weddings

Booking our 11 superior house bedrooms allows you to have exclusive use of the main hotel facility whether you have booked your wedding in The Conqueror Inn or the main hotel.  Exclusive use allows Conqueror weddings to benefit from the use of the hotel facilities which are ideal for a ceremony before your reception, the charge for a ceremony still applies.

There are an additional 4 budget double bedrooms above the Conqueror Inn which do not have to be booked to have exclusivity of the hotel, if you have booked the Conqueror Inn for a wedding but do not require exclusivity of the hotel your complimentary room will be a Conqueror bedroom.  With exclusivity you can choose your own complimentary room and can also decide which room each of your guests is allocated.

Booking the rooms to gain exclusive use is easy, you reserve the rooms when you book your wedding which you must guarantee with a credit card, nearer the date you provide your rooming list and on the morning after the wedding we will charge your guests for their rooms. 

Any unpaid for rooms are charged to the bride and groom.

We do not allow rooms to be booked the night prior to or after your wedding until a month before, this allows for bridal couples that book weddings after you to have the opportunity of exclusive use.  It is up to you to ascertain availability a month before your wedding if you would like to reserve rooms for the night before.

Check in time is 2pm as this allows for guests from the previous night to have departed and for us to prepare the room for you.  Check out time is strictly 10am.  Of course common sense must prevail and if your room is ready earlier or not used the night before early check in is of course possible.  We will make every effort to accommodate your requirements but are somewhat beholden to the previous nights guests.

Wedding Accommodation Rates 2013 & 2014

10        House Double Rooms - £98.00 per room

1          House Single Room - £78.00 per room

4          Conqueror Budget Doubles - £78.00 per room

Childrens camp beds available in some rooms - £25.00 per bed

Cots for babies - £20.00 per cot

You may of course bring your own travel cot.

Double rooms are for 2 people, single rooms are for 1 person and all rates include breakfast.  The charge for an extra bed includes an additional breakfast.

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